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64 MILLION Views!!! Super M - JOPPING music video

Updated: May 6, 2020

Wow! We are so pleased with this new! Super M's music video Jopping, has just reached 64 Million views!!!

This video was produced this last August 2019, as a collaboration between GDW, a South Korean based production house specialised in K-Pop music videos, and Prime Productions.

The two teams merged incredibly well and the result was, in our humble opinion, one of the coolest music videos in the K-Pop scene!

Here you can watch the final result:

Super M, as its name indicates, is a band of "supers". Creation of SM Entertainment and Capital Records, their idea was to select the best performers (singers and dancers) in the K-Pop scene. The Artists are: Kai and Baekhyun from #EXO, Ten and Lucas from #WAYV, Taemin from #SHINEE, and Mark and Taeyong from #NCT. What a group of talented people! Not surprised they are known as the Avengers of K-Pop.

We have a lot of fun anecdotes about the shoot. If you want to know about them, keep reading!

Super Idea... Super Team!

The idea behind the video and the original storyboard was that the members of the band find themselves in a remote place and, as they sing the song, they feel the strength of music that calls them, finally reuniting in a Stadium in the middle of the desert where fans from all over the world cheer them apotheosically and celebrate their union. Of course, in order to reach there, each of them needed a transport method, and this had to be done Dubai style: supercars: Aston Martin y MCLaren, The Ripsaw tank, also known as the ferrari of tanks, a helicopter skydive, and a super motorbike.

The filming was done between South Korea, where the studio shoot took place, and Dubai for all the exteriors and different locations.

It was very challenging due to the extreme weather conditions in August, but there was a deadline to be met, as the release of the video was the 4th of October and no other date was possible for the band members due to their schedules.

We had around 3 weeks prep and we needed a large team in order to deploy all the necessary logistics, as the shoot had to be done within 3 days, and there were multiple locations within Dubai to be used.

But, as always, the team of professionals in this city, alongside the support of DFTC and the Government Entities, made it possible, even with all the challenges we faced.

August in Dubai = heat, heat, heat!

The main difficulty was, of course, the heat. We had some of the Korean crew fainting at the beginning of the shoot, only 8:00 am!, because of heatstrokes, but of course they are not used to this weather. The cameras were overheating and we had to cool them down with ice packets, which slowed down sometimes the shoot, and working on such conditions is always tricky. But we were ready for everything and planned the shoots around sunrise and sunset, deployed an AC tent for when we were at Al Faqa Desert and had ice packets and towels for all the crew. The Artists were incredibly professional, and every time we stopped they had 4 to 5 people taking care of them, making sure they didn't overheat.

But the heat sure didn't stop fans from chasing our dear band of "supers"! We had to hire a security team to control de areas of the shoot, and bodyguards for the artists. And even with that, we had some Chinese fans following them across the city! Luckily, our very experienced security team, explained them that it was a private shoot and they would have to wait to the concert to see them!

Big Boy Toys

We used the latest state of the art equipment to film this, including:

  • Red Weapon Cameras

  • Shotover F1 for the Helicopter shots

  • The Ultimate Arm

  • Drones: Freefly Alta and DJI Inspire 2 Pro.

  • ARRI Trinity Steadicam

  • MOVI

  • Technocrane 22 with Ronin

Sky... not the limit!

As always, a Prime Productions project is not complete without some skydiving!

The stunt was performed safely but was challenging due to the dropping point over the Al Faqa desert. We had limited airspace time and our take off location was 15 mins away from the dropping point, so we had to maximise the timings and be on schedule to perform at least 4 jumps to get all the content needed. But we are happy to say that everything worked perfectly.

We filmed it with another Helicopter using a Shotover F1 and another skydiver acting as aerial camera operator.

Here a capture of Director Woogie Kim and DOP Any Iere Kim, with our Stunt Director Alan Gayton, helicopter pilto Arturo Cruz from Aerogulf, ground team Freddy McDonald and Aerial Operator Marius Melusel, discussing the skydive operation before the jumps.

And our Safety Director

securing the parachute on #Kai.

Cause when we're jumping and popping we're JOPPING!

But the most fun was indeed to see Super M members performing their choreography live. Those guys can really dance! Each of them had a special moment in a different location around Dubai, and the full band did a choreography in the desert.

We filmed in the Al Faqa Desert, Meydan Bridge and car park, Al Khail Road, JLT, Happiness Street Tunnel, and the Jetman Dubai Hangar. All of them stunning locations that really portrait the variety and beauty of Dubai. From here we would like to thank the entities that facilitated our shoot at their locations!

In Prime Productions we love challenging shoots and overall, the video is full of action: supercars, motorbikes, Ripsaw and helicopter! What else can you ask for? It was a joy to work on this production!

We leave here some behind the scenes for you to enjoy and see how our team works. From here, special thanks to all our suppliers and collaborations: Aerogulf, HeliDubai, Dubai Film, FilmQuip, MediaCrew, ChopperShoot... you are all rockstars!

Lastly, a picture of the production team, with smiles in their faces, which is all that matters in the end! We hope we can collaborate again with GDW, incredible professionals and incredible people!

From left to right: DOP Andy Iere Kim, Production Manager Pascal Baboudjian, AD Oojoo Lee, Director Woogie Kim, PM Leah Kim, Directing Department Doori Kwak, Producer Marta Espinosa, Executive Producer Cathy Kim and Assitant Producer Mario Espinosa.


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