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We're on top of the World - Emirates

If you want to see how we managed to put an Emirates cabin crew on top of the world's highest building, the one and only #burjkhalifa, read the entire post in this link.

Here below the brave team that stood at the pinnacle!

Thanks to @choppershoot, @tecs_uae and @cold.cutz for helping us bringing this to life.

Thanks to @katiecousinsmakeup for making Nicole look so amazing.

Thank you to the #emaar and #burjkhalifa ops, marketing and health and safety teams for their incredible support.

Thank you to the incredible and bravest woman on the planet @nicolesmithludvik

And of course, our Safety Director @Alan Gayton for always making safety paramount and the key to the success of the projects!

We are on top of the world!


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