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This is what they say about us.

Alan Gayton comes highly recommended in the world of Extreme and other exotic aviation related displays, events, projects and other. Alan is a man of his word and his integrity is of the highest. Down the line and straight to the point. Highly recommended to deliver project deadlines on time and with impeccable safety oversight. This recommendation is echoed throughout the aviation industry. Further his knowledge of the associated risk attached to these disciplines is truly a asset to any organizing committee of similar and such events. Now as the lead man in the Jetman project, I see this entity going from strength to strength. Highly recommended to mitigate risk and stand by his recommendations.

Michael Rudolph / Head of Airspace Safety /

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Marta, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that she is an impressive project manager who is always delivering the optimum. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees. Her knowledge and expertise was a huge advantage to the team. 
Along with her undeniable talent, Marta has always been an absolute joy to work with. "

Ahmed Humaid / Senior Executives Manager - FM Retail Operation / Meraas

I had the privilege of working with Alan at Skydive Dubai, he has numerous skills too many to mention in managing a complex organisation. It is however his interpersonal skills that are his real strength and essential in a modern business environment. His ability to manage complex high risk operations whilst motivating his team through good leadership are without doubt a rare gift and something that only those that have worked with him get to experience.
He is a modern manager who gets things done on time and on budget whilst carrying his team along with him. Tireless and energetic I know he and his company will go from strength to strength.

Kevin Robinson / Chief Instructor / Gryocopterexperience

Marta has an incredible way of making a crew come together. Her presence and command allows for a trusting relationship that is both powerful and generous.

During my time on a project with her, she provided me with the freedom to go my job accurately while mentoring me and simultaneously guiding me in the direction that it needed to go yet without interfering. This was highly refreshing coming from a background where being micro-managed is an unusual norm. 

I enjoyed the project I worked with as she made me feel capable, encouraged and supported in order to be my best self for the job.

Jordane Chedotal / Set Dresser

I worked with Alan as we were constructing the new runway for SkyDive Dubai. The project was being constructed adjacent to the existing operating Skydive Dubai facility which Alan was managing. What struck me about Alan was his ability to manage teams that were trying to deliver different goals in parallel. His success in this was that both the skydiving operation and the construction works progressed in parallel with alarming ease, both of which achieved their goals. Alan is consummate professional who’s attention to detail in both safety and quality delivers a quality product. I would look forward to working with Alan again.

Conor Byrne / Operations Leader / Laing O'Rourke

If you decide to commission a project to Marta, know that you will have absolutely no regrets and that the outcome will be simply splendid.
 Great professionalism, transparency and a golden work ethic will be with you all along the way. I have collaborated with Marta’s team several times and encountering her levels of preparation, precision and reliability has been a true pleasure.

Federica Lai / Brand Marketing Manager

Marta is one the most talented, professional and good persons I have met In the UAE. Her passion and dedication for the Industry are incomparable. I can only say she is a 10!!!!

Bart Pérez / DOP - Gaffer 

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